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Interested in Joining

Become a Mason

So you're interested in becoming a Mason, or you're just after more information. Well you are in the right place! Attached below is a quick message system that will provide a member of our Lodge with you're details and you're desired message. If you are not sure on what you want to say, just say "Hi" and we'll get back to you!

Success! Message received.

What Do I Need To Know First?

Becoming a member of Freemasonry is subject to some prerequisits. You must be at lease 18 years of age, a law abiding citizen, believe in a supreme being and join of your own free will and accord. Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is!


There are of course cost involved for being a member.

There is a yearly membership fee which covers the general running of the Lodge and goes towards the Lodge's designated charities. 

You will be required as a member to wear a dinner suit, however, we do not expect that you race out and buy one straight away. If you prefer to build your Masonic wardrobe up over a period of time, that is perfectly acceptable.

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