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About Us

The Begining

EST: 1844

The first Masonic Lodge to meet in Hobart was No. 227 I.C Virtue (Social & Military) The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, and tyled from 1804 to 1808. Then No. 218 I.C 48th Northampton Regiment (Military) from 1807 to 1815.

Between 1815 and 1834, I.C (Irish Constitution) Lodges No. 165, 284, 512 and 313 ran in Hobart mostly under military travelling warrents. The members of I.C Lodges No.326 Brotherly Union Lodge and No. 313 The Tasmanian Lodge, formed the foundation of Tasmanian Union Lodge in 1844 after the demise of their two former lodges.

During the establishment of the Tasmanian Union Lodge between 1844 and 1848, it became the first English lodge to operate in Tasmania.



Tasmanian Union Today

Today, the Tasmanian Union Lodge encourages it's members to be leaders and mentors within the community via self-development, knowledge and philanthropy. We meet to enteract with like-minded men of various backgrounds and high moral standards. We hold value in tradition by following the footsteps of many before us sharing profound truths that have been handed down from generation to generation through the ages.  

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